Using ‘State of the Art’ precision engineered Zünd digital cutting, profiling and routing systems, Giraffe Solutions can provide One off’s (medium or large quantity), and almost any ‘shape’ – allowing you to be creative and think outside the box. Items can be almost any small size or up to 3.2m wide and 3.2m long but almost any length for flexible materials (fabrics and PVC etc). We can cut a wide range of materials including: Fabrics, PVC, Plywood, Foam, Leather, Acrylics and much, much more. We cut using CAD files, we can produce a digital file from your own drawing or sketch.


Giraffe Solutions will ensure that the services it provides will be both new and innovative. Our goal is to become the premier specialist cutting business in the South of England by the end of 2017. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and deliver the right product on time, at the right price and with style.

Giraffe Solutions


Giraffe Solutions’ new Zünd Digital cutting, profiling and routing systems allows you to be creative and ‘think outside the rectangle’ even for small quantities and one-off projects. Starting with the design files you create using CAD or graphic design software, or from a sample that we can digitise we are able to cut virtually any shape in a variety of materials with accurate results up to 3.2m wide by almost any length.


Creative ideas economically produced - our bespoke cutting service allows you to produce premium quality, prototype and low volume packaging quickly and efficiently.


Using the very latest in digital cutting capabilities we are able to produce vinyl-cut and profile lettering, logos and branding using an array of different materials and substrates.


Clothing and bags, car restoration trim and steering wheels, comfortable leather sofas and armchairs - Giraffe Solutions' cutting service provides flexibility and versatility.


Flexibility is key as upholstery fabrics used in your furniture designs could range from plain, textured, patterned, leather and synthetic leather or even laminated foam.


Giraffe Solutions can digitally cut precise fabric shapes and patterns up to 3.2m wide quickly and economically from a variety of textile materials with flawless precision.


Marquees, Awnings and other temporary structures made from non-woven materials can be cut efficiently and accurately with the facility to handle materials up to 3.2m wide.


Individual requirements demand tailor-made solutions and our digital cutting service can be configured to meet an exceptionally wide range of cutting requirements.


Our digital cutting technology offers endless possibilities for the production of cut vinyl text and logos and the complex digital finishing and routing of a variety of materials.

Model Making

Digital cutting provides almost unlimited flexibility in the production of model-making components, allowing precise and complex contemporary designs to be cut with ease.

Wood Work

With the ability to cut or route effectively, to a maximum depth of 32mm, working and shaping most types of wood has never been easier. By using specific techniques we can reduce waste which has never been more important than it is now.

Cad design

We have our own, dedicated, CAD design specialist who can bring to life almost any idea or design no matter how sophisticated or basic. We welcome site visits to ensure you are engaged, fully, with this design process.

Technical Help

We are always here to help! Provide us with a cutting guide and we will cut any bespoke shape with accurate results. Our maximum cut area is 3.2m by 3.2m and virtually any reasonable length.


Zünd G3 cutting systems excel in delivering both exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality. This is the result of the perfect integration between intelligent control technology and precision mechanics. The Zünd Cut Centre includes an extensive material database with optimal cutting parameters for almost every material and every Zünd tool. The software is completely integrated in the digital workflow and effectively supports every phase of the job preparation.

Zünd cutting systems are based on a design concept that lends them greater flexibility and adaptability surpasses other alternatives in that market can offer. This unique molecularity makes it possible to cost-effectively configure the cutters for ever-changing material handling and cutting needs.



The Zünd G3 features a very wide range of modules enabling the selection of the optimum tool for each application.



Comprehensively equipped with the right tool for the job, including oscillating and rotary cutting tools and for specific materials.



Each material has characteristics that dictate the best handling system ensuring maximum productivity and minimum material wastage.



Our Zünd G3 digital cutter can accommodate materials up to a maximum of 3.2m wide, by almost any reasonable length.



Our Zünd G3 software can scan from your templates or cut accurately from a wide variety of digital file formats.



Using our ‘Capture’ technology, individual or multiple images or pieces are photographed and saved either individually or as part of a complete kit for nesting and production purposes.


‘Here at Giraffe Solutions we offer both individuals and businesses, big or small, the opportunity to benefit from a precision cutting service using the most up to date technology and materials.

‘Increasing efficiency and reducing waste saves time, money and effort and whether customers use us once, or a number of times, the team at Giraffe will be here to ensure that every aspect of your interaction with us will be both productive, efficient and memorable’.


The only way to create great things everyday is with great people who truly enjoy their job, so we go out of our way to understand your needs. We have a keen eye for detail and we always value collaboration, both with each other and with our clients. We have extensive experience working with clients from many sectors and work hard to deliver exceptional results.

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Technical Sales Director

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Design Engineer

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